Subpart Z Process Unit Information for Units NOT Monitored by CEMS for RY2014 and Later
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This page provides step-by-step instructions on how to enter and edit Subpart Z Phosphoric Acid Manufacturing process unit information.

Step 1: Add a unit

To add a unit that is NOT monitored by a CEMS, find the WET-PROCESS PHOSPHORIC ACID LINES (Lines not monitored by CEMS) table on the Subpart Overview page and click the link titled "ADD a Unit".

To edit a unit, click the edit icon or the Name/ID link located in the first column of the table.

To delete a unit, click the delete icon located in the last column of the table.

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Step 2: Confirm that CEMS are not utilized for this unit

For each process unit, confirm whether or not the process unit utilizes CEMS.

Note that when adding a new unit you are prompted to answer the CEMS question immediately (the answer to this question will default to “No” for units added using the “ADD a Unit” link and will default to “Yes” for units added using the “ADD a Unit Monitored by CEMS” link).

The CEMS response may be changed here and the unit information will be relocated to the appropriate table on the Subpart Overview page.

When finished, click SAVE.

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Step 3: Enter required information for a unit

For each process unit at your facility, report the following required information:

  • A unique name or identifier for the unit, plus optional description for this facility (see also About Unique Unit Names)
  • Calculation Method Used (Eq. Z-1a or Eq. Z-1b)
  • Annual Phosphoric acid production capacity for the unit

When finished, click SAVE

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Step 4: Enter the Phosphate Rock Origin for a unit

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Step 5: Repeat Steps 1-4

Repeat Steps 1-4 until all process units and phosphate rock origins for each unit have been added for your facility.

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