Subpart Z Facility-Level Information for RY2014 and Later

This page provides step-by-step instructions on how to enter and edit Subpart Z facility-level information.

When you initially open you Subpart Z e-GGRT page each of the data tables on the Subpart Z Overview page with be empty as shown in the example below:

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Step 1: Click open under facility reporting information to Add or Update Summary Information for this Facility

You will be presented with the following

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Subpart Z requires you to report the following data about your facility (wet phosphoric acid process line as defined in §98.260 reporting requirements):

This page addresses the following:

  • The total number of wet-process phosphoric acid process lines not monitored by CEMS is calcuated by e-GGRT and presented on this screen.  This number will be updated as process lines are added.
  • The total annual phosphoric acid production capacity for your facility.  Enter this data in space provided.

When you have entered the required information, click SAVE.

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