Preparing Your Annual GHG Reporting

This page provides step-by-step instructions on how to report data for a facility using e-GGRT.

To begin, log in to e-GGRT to reach the e-GGRT home page.

From the e-GGRT home page, click the DATA REPORTING tab and follow the steps below.

Step 1. Select a facility or supplier

To select a facility or supplier for which to report data, find the facility or supplier in the REPORTING FACILITIES table and click OPEN.

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Step 2. Add all applicable subparts (source or supplier categories)

The facility overview page is an overview of the facility-level information that has been entered into e-GGRT. It is like the “home page” for the facility or supplier. See the Using the Facility or Supplier Overview Page for more details on how to navigate this page.

On the Facility Overview site you can also see the subparts for which you have entered data and whether any validation messages appear for a specific subpart. If you would like to learn more about the validation messages for a specific subpart, click “View Messages”. You can add or remove subparts from this page, and click “OPEN” to begin working on any subpart or add additional information to a subpart you have already been working on.

The facility overview page is also where you “generate” your report.

To add one or more subparts for the selected facility or supplier, click the link titled "ADD or REMOVE Subparts" below the REPORT DATA table on the Facility or Supplier Overview page.

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On the Select Subparts page, use the check boxes to select all applicable subparts for this facility.

Select the Subpart you want to add by finding it on the list and clicking the checkbox.

If you un-select a Subpart from this list, that will remove the subpart from your facility. Any data that you have already entered for that subpart would be lost. e-GGRT will warn you before you proceed.

Once you are satisfied with your subpart selections, click “SAVE”. This returns you to the Facility or Supplier Overview page.

From the Overview page, you can open any Subpart that has been selected for your facility and enter GHG data.

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Step 3. Select a subpart

To select a subpart for which to enter required information, find the subpart row in the REPORT DATA table on the Facility or Supplier Overview page and click OPEN.

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Step 4. Enter the required information using subpart-specific reporting instructions

To access reporting instructions for a specific subpart, click the link titled "Using e-GGRT for Subpart Reporting" in the help panel on the Subpart Overview page. Alternatively, you may access the reporting instructions for a subpart by clicking the appropriate link from list below:

Please select a subpart from the list below:

Note: Screenshot of Subpart C Overview page provided below as an example.

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Step 5. Repeat Steps 3-4

Repeat Steps 3-4 until you have entered the required information for each applicable subpart.

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