Subpart D Unit Information

This section describes how to enter subpart D Electricity Generation unit information for a facility. Note that unit information should be entered for each unit at your facility. The process to edit an existing unit is identical.

Adding or Updating Unit Information for this Facility

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Starting on the Subpart D Overview screen, click the link titled "ADD a Unit, Stack, or Pipe" below the SOURCE SUMMARY table.  If updating existing data, click on the unit(s) that appear(s) in the SOURCE SUMMARY table.

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For each unit, stack, or pipe at your facility, enter the following information in the appropriately identified reporting field using the text boxes, drop-down menus, and radio buttons:

  • A unique unit, stack, or pipe name or identifier (e.g., a unit ID number) as reported under 40 CFR 75.64 [98.36(d)(1)(i)]
  • An optional unit or stack description or label [optional]
  • The plant code associated with the combustion unit, if applicable [98.36(d)(1)(x), 98.36(d)(2)(ii)(J), and 98.36(d)(2)(iii)(J)].  Note that this field will not appear unless the reporter indicates in Subpart A that they will be reporting plant codes in Subpart D.  A plant code is the Plant ID code assigned by the Department of Energy's (DOE) Energy Information Administration (EIA) and may also be referred to as the "ORIS code", "ORISPL code", "Facility ID", or "Facility code", among other names.  If a plant code has not been assigned by DOE's EIA, then plant code means a code beginning with "88" assigned by EPA's Clean Air Markets Division (CAMD) for electronic reporting. If you have more than one plant code to report for this configuration, separate each code with a comma. In most cases, the same plant code will apply to each reporting configuration at the facility. However, one facility reporting under the GHGRP may have multiple plant codes that apply to different configurations because of differences between the part 98 definition of "facility" and the conventions used by EIA to assign plant codes.
  • The Part 75 methodology used to determine the CO2 mass emissions [98.36(d)(1)(v)]
    • CEMS
    • Appendix G, Equation G-1
    • Appendix G, Equation G-4
    • Low Mass Emissions (LME) (§75.19(c)(4)(iii))
  • The methodology start date and end date [98.36(d)(1)(vi)-(vii)]
  • An indication of participation in the Acid Rain Program [98.36(d)(1)(viii)]

When finished, click SAVE. Repeat the above procedure for each unit at your facility. Once you have entered the required unit information for all units at your facility, you will have finished the required unit information for your facility.

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