Subpart II - Industrial Wastewater Treatment

This page provides an overview of Subpart II reporting through e-GGRT. This information will be entered starting from the e-GGRT Subpart II overview web form shown below. Each topic represents a key web from where you need to enter information:

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Note that in a scenario where an anaerobic process does not operate for a reporting year, but is expected to or has operated in subsequent years, users can mark that facility as non-operation for the years in which it did not report. Simply by un-checking the box next in the first column of the Anaerobic Processes, e-GGRT will remove the specific anaerobic process from calculations, but not from the system. Doing so will cause any RY data for that year to be erased, and remove it from the anaerobic processes table. 

Subpart Validation Report

The Validation Report assists with the completeness and quality of your reporting data.

We strongly encourage you to use the Validation Report to check your work. The Validation Report performs two types of checks:

  • Data Completeness: Data required for reporting that are missing or incomplete.
  • Data Quality: Data that are outside of the expected range of values.

You may view the Validation Report at any time.


Note that the Validation Report is intended to assist users in entering data, but it is not an indication that the reporter has entered all necessary information, nor is it an indication that the reporter is in compliance with part 98. Furthermore a negative finding on the validation report is not a guarantee that a data element was entered incorrectly. For more detail on the Validation Report and its functionality please review the Subpart Validation Report page.

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