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About e-GGRT Data Reporting Tab
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Clicking on the Data Reporting Tab

The data reporting tab provides access to the most used portions of e-GGRT - the facility selection and reporting functionality

This page provides a description of the features and page element on the e-GGRT Data Reporting tab.

Use the Data Reporting tab to complete the following required tasks:

  • Identify or change the year on which you are reporting,
  • Select the facility whose reporting you would like to work on, and
  • Access the Facility Overview screen which lets you complete reporting for a specific facility and reporting year.

The data reporting year will open to show the status of reporting for the current reporting year, RY2012:

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Page Element

Element Description

Reporting Facilities

This table lists all registered facilities and/or suppliers that are required to submit an Annual Report to EPA and displays the current status of each facility's Annual Report

Facilities Not Reporting for 2012

This table lists all registered facilities and/or suppliers that are NOT required to submit an Annual Report to EPA. There are no reporting requirements for those that do not trigger the respective thresholds for the source categories at their facility or supply operations. Some facilities or suppliers may have registered with e-GGRT because they thought they might trigger the rule. If those facilities or suppliers now find that they are not subject to the program they may choose to check this box for the 2012 reporting year. In future years, consistent with 98.2(i), facilities and suppliers may no longer be required to report under the program.

By default for RY2012, all registered facilities are initially classified as reporting facilities.

If you need to resubmit data for a prior reporting year this screen also lets you select that reporting year and select the facility you want to resubmit for that year. For example in the screen depicted below we have selected '2010' in the reporting year selection pull down, and click 'GO'.

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On the screen you will note that for each of the four facilities e-GGRT provided the annual report status and the ability to open that facility-reporting year to make corrections and resubmission as needed. In the example two facilities reported for RY2010 and two did not. This screen allows you to either resubmit a report or to submit a initial report for a back year in you determine that is necessary.

Click 'Open' to see the Facility Overview Page

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