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Owners or operators of facilities and suppliers under the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP) must report emissions from all source categories located at the facility for which methods are defined in the rule. Owners or operators are required to collect emission data; calculate GHG emissions; and follow the specified procedures for quality assurance, missing data, recordkeeping, and reporting.

For each facility or supplier, reporters must enter required information for each applicable subpart using e-GGRT. e-GGRT provides two main paths one may take to report GHG Data:

  1. e-GGRT web forms
  2. Bulk upload of XML files

This flow diagram below lays out the e-GGRT GHG data reporting workflow.

e-GGRT Web Forms

e-GGRT web forms are a set of web-based data collection forms that guide users through the reporting process for each subpart under the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP). All data captured by e-GGRT web forms are required reporting elements, as applicable. E-GGRT web forms currently reflect the final rule deferring reporting of inputs to emission equations for direct emitters (see 76 FR 53057, published August 25, 2011, Data elements that have been determined to be confidential business information (CBI) must be reported. Reporting elements that have been determined to be CBI will be protected under the Clean Air Act (Sec. 114(c)) and EPA regulations (40 CFR Part 2)

Certain subparts of the GHGRP use a streamlined web form interface. For these subparts there are NO page-by-page e-GGRT webforms. Instead, there are only 1 or 2 pages. For these select subparts, you will download and complete a Reporting Form. The Reporting Form will collect required data elements for the subpart. Once you have entered the required data on the reporting form, use e-GGRT to upload the completed form into e-GGRT. e-GGRT may also ask you to enter a few additional data elements directly into the e-GGRT webform, for example the annual CO2 emissions figure for the subpart. This will be used by e-GGRT for facility level roll-up calculations. The reporting forms are required to satisfy GHG reporting for certain subparts and must be uploaded into e-GGRT. For more information on using e-GGRT web forms and reporting forms, please refer to the GHG Reporting Instructions help page.

For each reporting year after your initial reporting year, e-GGRT will pre-populate certain web forms for you based on data entered during the previous reporting cycle to maintain accuracy and expedite the reporting process. The required data that is carried over from one year to the next will be select on a discretionary basis by the EPA based on which data are not likely to change from year to year. All data that is pre-populated based on the previous year will be fully editable and is simply provided for your convenience.

Bulk upload of XML files

EPA has developed an XML reporting schema that will allow facilities to upload their GHG data directly in lieu of using the web forms provided through e-GGRT. XML is a set of specifications designed to create common electronic data formats in order to facilitate data sharing and comparison. The XML reporting schema contains all of the data elements needed to comply with the GHGRP for reporting year 2012, and reflects the final rule deferring reporting of data elements used as inputs to emission equations (75 FR 81350, published December 27, 2010). For more information on XML reporting, please refer to the XML Reporting Instructions help page.

Annual Reports

Once all required information has been entered or uploaded to e-GGRT for all applicable subparts, reporters must generate and submit an annual report to EPA for each facility or supplier. For more information on generating and submitting an Annual Report using e-GGRT, refer to the How to Submit an Annual Report help page.

General Information about the CBI deferral:

  • EPA has finalized a rule that defers the deadline for reporting certain data elements used as inputs to emission equations for direct emitters until March 31, 2015. See 76 FR 53057 (published August 25, 2011) and, with respect to Subparts W and TT, see 77 FR 48072 (published August 13, 2012). In accordance with the rule, e-GGRT is not currently collecting this subset of inputs to emission equations.

  • If you choose to report these inputs to EPA through these simplified reporting pages, please note that the inputs may be subject to public release.

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