Basic User Registration

Anyone who intends to use e-GGRT to register a facility/supplier or serve as its Designated Representative (DR), Alternate Designated Representative (ADR) or Agent must first register as an e-GGRT user. Follow the instructions on the page to create a user profile and set your user name, password and security questions.

If you already have an active CDX user account, you will need to complete an abbreviated e-GGRT user registration process. To do this, navigate to the e-GGRT login page, log in with your existing CDX user name and password, then follow the instructions on the page to complete your e-GGRT user profile and set your security questions and answers and your challenge questions and answers. If you are unable to login using your CDX user name and password, then you'll need to create an e-GGRT user account by clicking the "Create your e-GGRT account" link on the login page.

All e-GGRT users must have an Electronic Signature Agreement on file with EPA. Your options are: 1) electronically sign the Electronic Signature Agreement or; 2) print and submit a hard copy of the Electronic Signature Agreement.

After your Electronic Signature Agreement has been approved (either through the electronic identity proofing process or after EPA receives and processes the hard copy of your Electronic Signature Agreement), EPA will send an account activation notice to the email address in your user profile. You will then be able to log in to e-GGRT and begin the facility/supplier registration process.

For more information addressing Basic User Registration please refer to the following pages:

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