Accessing an Already Registered Facility

If you require access to a facility that is already registered in e-GGRT, the facility's current representation team in e-GGRT can appoint you to the appropriate role.

In e-GGRT, the roles are Designated Representative (DR), Alternate Designated Representative (ADR), and Agent. Please note that users in e-GGRT may not have more than one role at a single facility. For example, a user cannot be both the DR and an Agent at the same facility. Click here for more information about the e-GGRT roles.

Ask the Facility's DR or ADR to Add You to the Facility

Either the current DR or ADR can add you to the already registered facility. For details and instructions, the DR or ADR should refer to the Changing DR and ADR and Changing Agents help pages.

If the DR is No Longer with the Facility

If the DR is no longer with the facility, then the current DR, the current ADR, or one of the current Agents will need to initiate a change to the DR. Refer to the Changing DR and ADR help page and scroll to the section titled "Option 2: Create a new DR" for information and instructions on how to change the DR

If the DR, ADR, and Agents are unwilling or unable to make the change to the DR, a facility reset can be initiated which will remove the current DR and replace him/her with someone else.

The facility reset request should be emailed to the GHGRP Help Desk at and MUST include the following information:

The facility name
The facility’s GHGRP ID
The basis for the reset request

Name of the current DR
Phone number of the current DR
Email address of the current DR

Name of the new DR
Phone number of the new DR
Email address of the new DR 

Note that the facility reset process only replaces the DR. The process does not add/change the ADR or the Agents.. However, once the facility has been reset the new DR will have the opportunity to keep the existing ADR or to appoint a new ADR. The new DR will also have the option to retain or remove the current DR's Agents and/or to appoint new Agents.

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