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Q391. Can I report multiple units in a single XML report?

A391. Yes.  Your XML report must contain the emissions and other reporting data for all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions sources located at the facility for which GHG calculation methods are provided in 40 CFR part 98.  If your facility or supplier consists of operations falling in multiple source categories, then the XML report must include the XML code for all applicable subparts.  The construction of the report is the same as for a report containing a single subpart, except that the <ghg:SubpartInformation> section contains records for multiple subparts.  The XML code for each subpart must begin with <ghg:SubPartS> and end with </ghg:SubPartS>, where “S” identifies the subpart.  For instance, a hydrogen production plant that collects and sells CO2 emissions, would use the XML instructions for Subparts A, C, P and PP to prepare the XML code for the general requirements, stationary combustion units, hydrogen production units and CO2 supply, respectively.  The XML code for subparts A, C, P and PP are then combined to produce the final XML report.  For additional information on preparing XML reports for facilities and suppliers subject to multiple subparts, see the instructions in Section 1.5 of Subpart A XML Reporting Instructions, (available on the XML Reporting Instructions page).

If your facility or supplier contains two or more units belonging to the same source category, such as a facility with two boilers subject to subpart C, then you must follow the instructions for reporting multiple units provided in the XML reporting instructions specific to the applicable subpart.   

For further information on preparing XML reports, please see the XML instruction manuals and XSD schema files available at XML Reporting Instructions.

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