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Q457. What is an IVT Inputs XML file?

A457. All facilities subject to subparts P, X and Y and some facilities subject to subpart C, are required to prepare an IVT Inputs XML file. This file is similar to the XML annual report but contains only the inputs data used to calculate the emissions. The IVT Inputs XML file is used to temporarily load calculation inputs to the e-GGRT Inputs Verifier Tool, which performs a series of verification checks and generates a verification summary. Unlike the XML report, none of the values in the IVT Inputs XML file are saved in e-GGRT. Only the verification summary is saved in e-GGRT and this report is used by the EPA to determine whether the GHG emissions are calculated correctly and whether the values used in the calculations fall within expected ranges. The EPA does not have access to any of the data in the IVT Inputs XML file either during or after the e-GGRT Inputs Verification Tool prepares the verification summary. You must keep a copy of the IVT Inputs XML file for your records. The inputs to emission equations required to be included in the IVT Inputs XML file are specified in the ‘‘verification software records’’ provisions in the recordkeeping section of each subpart.

Instructions for preparing IVT Inputs XML files are available at XML Reporting Instructions.

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