Q283. How should the “physical street address” be reported for facilities located offshore?

A283. If your facility is offshore and therefore does not have a physical street address, you should provide a comma-delimited WGS84 “latitude, longitude” coordinate pair with decimal degrees to at least four places. A recreational-grade GPS system provides this level of accuracy. Alternately, you may use an online satellite view such as Google maps, by zooming in, right-clicking on your facility and selecting “What's Here?.” The search text box will display the “latitude, longitude” coordinates for the selected location up to six decimal places.

If your facility is offshore, provide latitude-longitude as noted above by checking the “No street address, use Latitude/Longitude” box on the "Facility or Supplier Information" page (for new facilities) or on the "Facility Profile" page (for existing facilities) and entering these values in the appropriate fields for latitude and longitude. For City, State and Zip for an offshore facility, enter the following values:

City: Offshore

State: nearest US state

Zip: 00000

For more information on entering latitude and longitude in e-GGRT please refer to FAQ 758 and Reporting Latitude and Longitude.

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