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Q234. Will e-GGRT and its XML Reporting Schema account for reporting requirements promulgated for future reporting years?

A234. Yes. Each year the e-GGRT XML Reporting Schema is revised to address new reporting requirements and each year a new schema is released. For example schema v1.0 was in force for submissions due on September 30, 2011 and v3.0 was in force for submissions due by April 1, 2013. Each new schema version, other than draft or FYI versions, replaces the prior version and becomes the current standard for e-GGRT submissions. The newest schema version also becomes the standard for resubmission of prior year GHG reports. For example, an RY 2010 correction which is submitted on March 15, 2013 was subject to the XML schema in force at that time, in this example, v3.0. For more information on the current XML schema please refer to XML Reporting Instructions.

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