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Only the Designated Representative and the Alternate Designated Representative may make changes to the facility or supplier profile. Agents cannot make the changes. All fields are required, as denoted by red asterisks.

To remove a former owner or operator, click the red “X” beside the name. To add a new begin, login to e-GGRT and click on the Facility Management tab.

Next, click on the facility name.

Then, click on the EDIT button in the Facility Profile section.

To update the information, simply place your cursor in the desired field and make the necessary changes.

To add another owner or operator, click the “+ADD Another Owner or Operator” link and fill in the resulting field. Note that at least one owner or operator is required.

If you make any changes to the facility or supplier profile, e-GGRT will require an update to the Certificate of Representation. If you change the facility or supplier name, e-GGRT will require an update to any affected Notices of Delegation. To electronically sign an updated Certificate of Representation or Notice of Delegation, return to the home page by selecting the HOME tab and select the appropriate action from the ACTION REQUIRED panel.


To save the changes, click SAVE. Otherwise, click CANCEL and you will be returned to the Facility Summary page.

#Back to To save the changes, click SAVE.

The Certificate of Representation (COR) will appear.

If the information displayed appears correct and you agree to the certification statements, click the ACCEPT button.

Next, you will be prompted to enter your password.

After entering your password and clicking on the LOGIN button, you will prompted to answer one of your Challenge Questions.

Enter the answer to the Challenge Question and click the ANSWER button.

If the answer to the Challenge Question is correct and the status is shown as "Verified", click the SIGN button to proceed. NOTE: Any changes you made will appear on the updated COR after you click the SIGN button.

You will be returned to your e-GGRT home page. The process is complete.


Per 98.3(c)(1) if the facility does not have a physical street address, then the facility must provide the latitude and longitude representing the geographic centroid or center point of facility operations in decimal degree format. The facility should provide a WGS84 'latitude, longitude' coordinate pair with decimal degrees to four places or better.

For more information on how to determine the latitude and longitude of the facility, and how to enter the latitude and longitude data in e-GGRT, please refer to FAQ 758 and Reporting Latitude and Longitude.

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