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You must sign a Notice of Delegation if, as a DR or ADR, you have appointed an Agent who has accepted the delegation. Review the Notice of Delegation, read and agree to the Certification Statements and electronically sign the Notice of Delegation by entering your password and correctly answering the challenge question displayed. Click the SIGN button to electronically sign the Notice of Delegation. Click the CANCEL button to return to the home page.

If you make changes to the Notice of Delegation in the future, you will be required to electronically sign the revised notice.

After the Notice of Delegation is successfully completed, you may print a copy of it for your records. To view the Notice of Delegation, click the blue “Your Notice of Delegation” link. In e-GGRT, the Designated Representative (DR), Alternate Designated Representative (ADR), and Agents all have equal ability to enter or update reporting data for the facility. They also all have the ability to sign and submit reports. Agents may submit reports as long as the DR and/or ADR specific to the Agent has electronically signed the Notice of Delegation (NOD).

After a user has accepted an appointment to become an Agent, the Designated Representative (DR) or Alternate Designated Representative (ADR) specific to that Agent must sign a NOD in order to allow the Agent to submit reports on the DR's or ADR's behalf. The DR and/or ADR should review the Notice of Delegation and the Certification Statements.

If you agree to the statements, click the ACCEPT button.

Next, you will be prompted to enter your password.

After entering your password and clicking on the LOGIN button, you will prompted to answer one of your Challenge Questions.

Enter the answer to the Challenge Question and click the ANSWER button.

If the answer to the Challenge Question is correct and the status is shown as "Verified", click the SIGN button to proceed.

After the NOD is successfully completed, you will be returned to your e-GGRT home page.

To view whether or not the NOD has been electronically signed, login to e-GGRT and click the Facility Management tab. In the "Agents (for this facility)" table, if "Pending" appears next to the Agent's name, click on the Agent's name to view the reason for the "Pending" status. For more information on viewing a Agent's status, refer to the Pending Appointment Status Information page.

If "pending" does not appear next to the Agent's name, click on the Agent's name to view the completed NOD in PDF format. Here is more information about PDF file viewers.

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