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Notice of Delegation
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If you are reporting confidential business information (CBI), please note that the DR, ADR and Agents have equal ability to access, view, enter and submit all e-GGRT data for a facility or supplier.

You must sign a Notice of Delegation if, as a DR or ADR, you have appointed an Agent who has accepted the delegation. Review the Notice of Delegation, read and agree to the Certification Statements and electronically sign the Notice of Delegation by entering your password and correctly answering the challenge question displayed. Click the SIGN button to electronically sign the Notice of Delegation. Click the CANCEL button to return to the home page.

After the Notice of Delegation is successfully completed, you may print a copy of it for your records. To view the Notice of Delegation, click on the Agent's name in the Agent table on the Facility Management tab.. Here is more information about PDF file viewers.

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