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If you are registering a facility or supplier, you may edit the information for the facility or supplier using this page.If you have selected a facility from the search results, e-GGRT sets the fields using values from the EPA Facility Registry System (FRS).

You must complete required fields including at least one owner or operator name before clicking NEXT. You may add more than one owner or operator by clicking the “+ ADD Another Owner or Operator” link. To delete an owner or operator that you have added, click the red “X” beside the name. Click BACK to return to the search results page.

If your Per 98.3(c)(1) if the facility does not have a physical street address, then the facility must provide a comma delimited the latitude and longitude representing the geographic centroid or center point of facility operations in decimal degree format. The facility should provide a WGS84 'latitude, longitude' coordinate pair with decimal degrees to four places or better. A recreational-grade GPS system gives that level of accuracy. Alternatively, you may use an online satellite view, such as Google maps, by zooming in, right-clicking on your facility and selecting 'What's Here?'. The search text box will display the 'latitude, longitude' coordinates for the selected location up to six decimal places. For a large facility without a street address, use the coordinates of the front entrance.

For more information on entry of latitude and longitude data in e-GGRT please refer to FAQ 758 and Reporting Latitude and Longitude.

In the POTENTIALLY APPLICABLE SUBPARTS section, click on the appropriate checkbox(es) to indicate which subpart(s) are applicable to the facility or supplier for GHG reporting.

Please indicate Yes to the question ‘This Facility reports to EPA via CAMD Business System (CBS)’ only if the facility is currently reporting emissions to EPA under 40 CFR part 75, e.g., Acid Rain Program or CAIR.


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