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You will need to create an e-GGRT user account if you plan to register or represent a facility or supplier affected by EPA's Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule.


If you already have a CDX user account, then you can use your CDX user name and password to login to e-GGRT: Enter your CDX user name and password and click the green LOGIN button and complete an abbreviated e-GGRT registration process. Note: As part of the e-GGRT user registration process, you will be prompted with the options to 1) electronically sign the Electronic Signature Agreement or; 2) print and submit an a hard copy of the Electronic Signature Agreement for e-GGRT. The For more information refer to the Electronic Signature Agreement page. Please also note that the Electronic Signature Agreement that you submitted for CDX is NOT transferable to e-GGRT.

If you are unable to login using your CDX user name and password, then you'll need to create an e-GGRT user account by clicking the "Create your e-GGRT account" link on the login page.

If you don't already have a CDX user account, click the green NEW USER REGISTRATION the "Create your e-GGRT account" link button.

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Review and make sure you meet the System Requirements


  • Registrar A Registrar is an individual who sets up one or more facilities or suppliers and sends invitations to the DR, ADR or Agent(s). The Registrar is optional. The Registrar role is for the sole purpose of registering a facility or supplier in e-GGRT. The Registrar does not gain access to facility data, cannot edit the facility profile or enter data for annual GHG reports.

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Q: Can multiple users register for a single company?
A: Yes; e-GGRT does not impose any limit on the number of users at a given company or facility. There are limits on certain roles, for example, each facility must have one DR.


Q: What happens if I do not complete e-GGRT user registration in one session? Can you start again later?
A: You can start again later, but data you entered before will be lost.

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