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Q800. What factors influence reported greenhouse gas trends?

A800. Observed trends  A variety of factors impact the trends observed in greenhouse gas emissions reported to the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP) are due to a variety of factors. Reported emissions may increase due to:

  • Opening of new plants.
  • Start-up of new processes.
  • Alterations or enhancements to manufacturing processes that expand production capacity (e.g., such as plant changes that remove process bottlenecks).
  • Increased production by existing plants to meet increased market demand.

Reported emissions may decrease due to:

  • Process improvements (e.g., including changes in fuels and inputs).
  • Closing of existing plants.
  • Permanent shutdown of production units or processes lines.
  • Reduced production due to downturns in market demand.
  • Temporary plant and process shutdowns due to equipment failure, plant modification projects, or other events production disruptions (e.g., COVID-19 pandemichurricanes, pandemics, wildfires).
  • Reporters exiting the GHGRP under the provisions of 40 CFR 98.2(i).*


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