Subpart W XML Reporting Help
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XML Reporting Documentation

Below you will find three type of technical assistance for the Subpart W XML reporting community:  schema and XML requirements documentation, documentation addressing critical validation check, and XML reporting examples for each Subpart W Segment.   These schema will go into effect in mid-February 2018; until then Version 7.1 of the schema remains applicable. While these will address a wide range of questions, users that continue to have difficulty configuring, uploading, or submitting their Subpart W XML are urged to contact the GHGRP Help desk by e-mail at

Critical Validation Checks (Coming Soon)

Subpart W has almost 600 critical validations checks.  To help XML reporters determine with specific data element is causing critical validation, we have provided that documentation below:

  • Subpart W Critical Validation Crosswalk

XML Reporting Examples (Coming Soon)

This section provides examples of common Subpart W reporting scenarios and XML submissions demonstrating how annual GHG reports should be structured. In each case we have provided a complete segment report which includes all sources applicable to the segment.  Each example is presented in a Reporting Form format and in an XML for consistent with the formats created by and expected by e-GGRT. 

Example Files
Segment 1: Offshore Petroleum and Natural Gas Production
  • Segment 1 Populated Workbook
  • Segment 1 Populated XML
Segment 2: Onshore Petroleum and Natural Gas Production
  • Segment 2 Populated Workbook
  • Segment 2 Populated XML
Segment 3: Onshore Natural Gas Processing
  • Segment 3 Populated Workbook
  • Segment 3 Populated XML
Segment 4: Onshore Natural Gas Transmission Compression
  • Segment 4 Populated Workbook
  • Segment 4 Populated XML
Segment 5: Underground Natural Gas Storage
  • Segment 5 Populated Workbook
  • Segment 5 Populated XML
Segment 6: Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Storage
  • Segment 6 Populated Workbook
  • Segment 6 Populated XML
Segment 7: LNG Import and Export Terminals
  • Segment 7 Populated Workbook
  • Segment 7 Populated XML
Segment 8: Natural Gas Distribution
  • Segment 8 Populated Workbook
  • Segment 8 Populated XML
Segment 9: Onshore Petroleum and Natural Gas Gathering and Boosting
  • Segment 9 Populated Workbook
  • Segment 9 Populated XML
Segment 10: Onshore Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline
  • Segment 10 Populated Workbook
  • Segment 10 Populated XML

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