Subpart RR MRV Plan Extension Request
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This page describes the requirements of an MRV Plan Extension Request under Subpart RR - Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide as well as instructions for submitting an MRV Plan Extension Request to the EPA using e-GGRT.

MRV Plan Extension Request Requirements

You must submit a proposed MRV plan to EPA according to the following schedule (according to the provisions at 40 CFR 98.448(b)):

  • If you have been issued a final UIC permit authorizing the injection of CO2 into the subsurface, you must submit a proposed MRV plan, MRV plan extension request, or R&D project exemption request within 180 days of receiving a final UIC permit. You will be allowed to request one extension of the submittal date of up to an additional 180 days.
  • If you are injecting a CO2 stream in subsurface geologic formations to enhance the recovery of oil or natural gas and you are not permitted as Class VI under the UIC Program, you may opt to submit an MRV plan at any time.

Submitting an MRV Plan Extension Request

To request an MRV Plan extension, click the link titled "ADD a MRV Plan Extension Request" below the MRV PLAN EXTENSION REQUEST table on the Subpart RR Overview page.

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On the MRV Plan Extension Request page, enter the following required information:

  • Name of Project
  • Date of final Underground Injection Control (UIC) permit (or legal instrument for an offshore facility not subject to the Safe Drinking Water Act) authorizing subsurface injection of CO2
  • Number of days requested for extending the MRV plan due date (180 days maximum)

When finished, click SAVE.

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If you have completed and are satisfied with your MRV Plan Extension Request you may proceed to certify and submit. This process includes applying your electronic signature (entering your password and answering a challenge/security question).

To submit and certify your uploaded MRV Plan Extension Request, click the SUBMIT and CERTIFY button.

Please note that clicking on the SUBMIT and CERTIFY button will submit your MRV Plan Extension Request to EPA. You will not be permitted to cancel the submission - you will be required to certify/sign the request before you will be permitted to submit a subsequent revision to your MRV Plan Extension Request.

Review the SUBMISSION INFORMATION, CERTIFICATION STATEMENT, and AGENT CERTIFICATION STATEMENT and if you agree to the terms of the CERTIFICATION STATEMENT, enter your e-GGRT password and click SUBMIT. When prompted, answer your challenge question to confirm your identity and click SUBMIT once more.

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e-GGRT will then generate a confirmation page which may be printed for your records. Once you have reviewed the submission confirmation, click HOME to return to the Subpart RR Overview page.

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On the Subpart RR Overview page, the status and certification date in the MRV PLAN EXTENSION REQUEST table will update automatically.

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