Subpart MM - Total CO2 and Other Info

This page provides an overview of the "Total CO2 & Other Info" tab on the Subpart MM reporting form.
Please see Reporting Form Instructions for instructions on downloading the blank reporting form and uploading the completed reporting form. The Total CO2 & Other Info tab is applicable to refineries, importers, and exporters.

If an Importer only, leave Exporter row blank. If an Exporter only, leave Importer row blank:

  • If you select Refinery as your facility type, the Importer and Exporter rows will be blacked out.

  • If you select Importer/Exporter as your facility type, the Refinery row will be blacked out.

The following table provides instructions for reporting each data element in the Total CO 2 & Other Info tab:

Data Element


Sum of CO2 Quantity for All Products

Enter annual CO2 emissions in metric tons (MT) that would result from complete combustion or oxidation of all products as calculated using 98.393(d). INCLUDE CO2 from blended products reported on "Blended Products" tab. This value excludes CO2 from biomass based products.

Quantity of Crude Oil Entering the Refinery (barrels)

This is applicable only for refineries. For all crude oil that enters the refinery, report the annual quantity in barrels.

Quantity of Bulk
Natural Gas Liquids Received for Processing

This is applicable only for refineries. Enter bulk NGL product quantity received for processing in units specified.

Quantity of Bulk
Natural Gas Liquids Units of Measure

This is applicable only to refineries. Select unit of measure for bulk NGLs received: barrels (BBL) or metric tons (MT).

Crude Oil Injected Into Supply/Reservoir, (barrels)

This is applicable only for refineries. Enter quantity of crude oil (in barrels) injected into a crude oil supply or reservoir. Oil entering the refinery but not reported in 98.396(a)(2) or 98.396(a)(20) is not reported here.

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