Subpart MM - Facility Details

Please see the Reporting Form Instructions page for instructions on downloading the blank reporting form and uploading the completed reporting form.

Fill out the general information table:
  • Facility Name is required.
  • Type of Facility is required. (Select "Refinery" or "Importer/Exporter")
  • GHGRP ID is required. (the GHGRP ID on the reporting form must match the facility ID in e-GGRT)
  • Reporting Period is required. (Note that the RY2013 reporting form is only valid for RY2013 and later, you will not be able to select a year prior to RY2013 in the dropdown list)
  • The Comments field is optional. (include any comments relating to this facility)

Important: You must select the type of facility before attempting to complete the remainder of the reporting form.


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