Subpart A NAICS Codes

The text below describes how to add North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes. The process to edit an existing NAICS code is essentially similar.

Please note that the Bureau of Census updates the NAICS list every 4 or 5 years.  Each e-GGRT only allows you to select NAICS codes which are valid for the reporting year you are working on.  If you use an NAICS code that has been discontinued e-GGRT will not accept that code and will flag the issue with a critical validation message.  For more information on the NAICS codes that have become obsolete please review NAICS codes that have been discontinued.

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Starting on the Subpart A Overview page, click the link titled "ADD a NAICS Code".

To edit an existing NAICS code, click on the NAICS Code link, which is the first column in the NAICS CODES SUMMARY table. Edit the information as described above for adding a new NAICS code.

To delete an existing NAICS code, click on the delete icon, which is the last column in the NAICS CODES SUMMARY table.

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For each NAICS code, report the following data:

  • Six-digit NAICS code
  • The code's relevance to revenue producing activity. Choose Primary, Second Primary or Additional.

Each facility or supplier must report:

  • The primary NAICS code representing the product/activity that is the principal source of revenue for the entity as defined in the NAICS 2022 manual
  • Optionally, a second primary NAICS code if the entity has two distinct product/activities/services providing comparable revenue
  • Additionally, all unique six-digit NAICS codes that describe the products/activities/services of the entity, but are not related to the principal source of revenue

Note: If you do not know the six-digit NAICS code, use the search feature at to find the appropriate code. Please be sure to use the 2022 NAICS Search function.

When you are finished, click SAVE.

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