Draft Reporting Year 2022 XML Schema

The draft e-GGRT XML schema for Reporting Year 2022 is posted below.  There is also a file summarizing the changes between the Reporting Year (RY) 2021 and the RY2022 Annual Report XML schema as well as a technical comparison report. Facilities must use the Final RY2022 Annual Report schema for all submissions and resubmissions (i.e., RY2022, RY2021, and prior years) once the RY2022 reporting season begins. Note that the e-GGRT software released in early 2023 for use in RY2022 reporting will only support years RY2017 through RY2022.

The Draft RY2022 Inputs Verifier Tool (IVT) schema is also posted below; it is unchanged since RY2017. For information on using e-GGRT to upload these IVT files, please refer to Uploading XML submissions with an XML IVT File.

The RY2022 XML schema  WILL NOT BECOME EFFECTIVE  until e-GGRT is made available for RY2022 reporting.

The information provided on this page is  DRAFT .  XML-based reporting submitted after e-GGRT is open for RY2022 reporting must be consistent with the  FINAL  schema.

Draft 2021 Reporting Schemas 

Draft 2021 Inputs Verifier Tool (IVT) Schema 

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