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System Requirements
Registration and Reporting Deadlines

Please note that all e-GGRT sessions end after 15 minutes of inactivity. e-GGRT will generate a 5-minute warning message before automatically ending your e-GGRT session. If your session is ended due to inactivity, any unsaved data on current page will be lost.

After 10 minutes of inactivity, a countdown will begin, starting from 5 minutes, and signing the user out when it reaches zero. The counter is visible in both the popup warning screen and the tab header where e-GGRT is open. 

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Action Required

The e-GGRT home page will display the ACTION REQUIRED panel if any actions need your attention, such as signing a new Notice of Delegation or re-signing a Certificate of Representation due to a change. To perform an action, click on the blue hyperlink.

Facilities Pending Registration

Any facilities or suppliers you have begun to register will remain in a “Pending” status until the Designated Representative (DR) that was identified during registration has accepted his or her appointment as DR. After that, the facility will move from FACILITIES YOU RECENTLY SUBMITTED FOR REGISTRATION section to the ACCESS YOUR FACILITIES section. Other users who accept appointments to become the Alternate Designated Representative (ADR) or Agent for a facility will see that facility listed on their home page.

Register a Facility or Supplier

To begin the facility registration process, click the blue button labeled REGISTER A FACILITY.

Access Your Facilities

The ACCESS YOUR FACILITIES panel displays each facility for which you serve as DR, ADR or Agent.

Accept an Appointment

If you have received an email from e-GGRT notifying you that you have been appointed to be a DR, ADR or Agent, copy the invitation code from the body of the email into the box labeled ACCEPT AN APPOINTMENT on the e-GGRT home page, and click the green GO button. Do not use an invitation code that was sent to another person.

e-GGRT Announcements

This panel displays timely EPA announcements about e-GGRT.

My Profile

Click the “My Profile” link at the top of the page if you need to edit your profile organization name, address, phone and FAX, email, password, security question/answer or challenge questions/answers.

Facility Registration

Click the FACILITY REGISTRATION tab to register a facility.

About Facility Registration

Facilities and suppliers subject to the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP) must register online through e-GGRT. Applicability of the rule to your facility or operation depends on the Greenhouse gas (GHG) source categories located at the facility or supplier, the emission level of greenhouse gases and the production capacity. See the GHGRP General Fact Sheet for more information.

For help in assessing whether your facility or supply operation is required to report GHG emissions in e-GGRT, refer to the Applicability Tool.

Note that information tailored to suppliers and other affected entities can also be found there.

Facility or Supplier Reporting by Subpart

Under the GHGRP, your operation may report at the facility level, the supplier (corporate) level, or both, depending on the subparts of the rule that apply to you. 40 CR 98 requires Suppliers of Coal-based Liquid Fuels (Subpart LL), Suppliers of Petroleum Products (Subpart MM), Suppliers of Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids (Subpart NN), Suppliers of Industrial GHGs (Subpart OO), Suppliers of Carbon Dioxide (Subpart PP) and Imports and Exports of Equipment Pre-charged with Fluorinated GHGs or Containing Fluorinated GHGs in Closed-cell Foams (Subpart QQ) to report GHG emissions using e-GGRT at the supplier (corporate) level. Reporters under all other subparts are required to report at the facility level.

If your operation reports as both a facility and a supplier under different subparts, then you may assign one Designated Representative (DR) for the facility and a different DR for the supplier.

Facility Management

Click the FACILITY MANAGEMENT tab to perform personnel management for a facility and any other facility editing functionality.

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