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Q403. Is an XML file submission subject to all the same validation checks as the web forms?

A403. Most of the validation checks for XML submissions are the same as those applied to webform submittals.  However, additional validation checks specific to XML submissions are applied to identify errors that can only be made in XML submissions.

XML-based submissions are subject to a two-stage automated validation procedure that is performed when the XML report is uploaded to e-GGRT.  The first stage assures the XML code contains no syntax errors and complies with the XML schema and e-GGRT database specifications. Submissions that contain XML syntax errors or do not comply with the XML schema receive error messages as described in FAQ 397.

In the second stage, another set of validation checks are applied that check for missing data elements and inconsistencies in the reported data (e.g., a reported value that is much higher than expected based on information available to EPA).  The results of the validation checks can be viewed in the Verification Summary Report.  We recommend you review the Verification Summary Report and fix any errors prior to certifying and submitting your report.  If the error is marked as critical, such as the omission of a required data element, then the error must be corrected before the XML report will be accepted.  A list of Critical Errors can be found here:

In addition to the validation checks that are performed when the XML report is uploaded to e-GGRT, the EPA also completes additional checks after the reporting period ends.  The verification checks are used by EPA staff to prepare error messages.  See FAQ 703 for information on what to do if EPA notifies you of potential errors in your report. 

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