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Q400. After I use the "Bulk upload of XML" option for a facility can I switch to the "Data entry via e-GGRT web-forms" option?

A400. Yes, you may change the reporting method used for a reporting year. However, switching between reporting methods deletes already entered data for the selected reporting year.  Reports that have been certified and submitted are not affected.  For example, if you completed the web forms for Subparts A and C for RY2017 and then decided to switch to XML reporting before submitting and certifying your report, all data entered into the Subpart A and Subpart C web forms would be deleted.  Similarly, if you uploaded a completed XML file and then decide to switch to data entry using the e-GGRT web forms before submitting and certifying your report, the XML file will be deleted.  When you switch reporting methods, e-GGRT displays a warning message in a pop-up window reminding users of the potential loss of data.

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