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Q150. Are scales required for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills?

A150. If scales are in place at the MSW landfills then they must be used to determine waste quantities starting in the first monitoring year for all vehicles or containers delivering waste, except passenger vehicles and light duty pick-up trucks. If scales are not in place, the working capacity or mass of waste per type of vehicle or container must be determined. These measurements may include determining the volumetric capacity of representative containers and the average density of the waste. Wheel-load scales or portable axle-load scales may be used for these density determinations or measures of the mass of waste received by type of load. The landfill owner or operator must record the number and types of vehicles that haul waste to the landfill and use the working capacity of the containers to calculate the quantity of waste disposed. For passenger cars and light duty pick-up trucks, landfill owners and operators may use any of the above methods to determine waste quantities.

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