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Q727. Where do I download GHGRP data?


A727. EPA has several data portals through which the public can access data collected by the GHGRP.

FLIGHT is geared toward the general public and can be used to quickly identify GHG emissions reported by individual facilities. FLIGHT also allows users to:

  • determine total reported emissions at the industrial source category level or various geographic levels like counties, metropolitan areas and states.
  • quickly identify how reported emissions have changed from year to year
  • search for facilities by name, location, parent company, or NAICS code
  • determine emissions by fuel type

The Data Sets page contains links to many downloadable files. These include:

  • Multi-Year Data Summary Spreadsheet which contains each facility’s total reported GHG quantity by year-specific Data Summary Spreadsheets (available by picking a year from the tabs at the bottom of the page) that contain more detailed info from each facility like emissions by GHG and industrial source category.
  • Other Frequently Requested Data sets

All other publicly available data is available through Envirofacts


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