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Issues and Workarounds for e-GGRT RY2019

If you submit GHG annual reports via the bulk XML upload method, see XML Known Issues.

Subject Area


Subpart C

Issue: When using the Tier 2 or Tier 3 Streamlined Reporting tools to update equation inputs, the e-GGRT system will not automatically re-calculate your total Subpart C CO2, CH4, and N2O emissions using the fuel-specific GHG emissions calculated with the equation input values in the uploaded reporting form.

Workaround: In order to have the system re-calculate your Subpart C emissions totals, please use the OPEN button on each reporting configuration's row within the Configuration Summary table to access the Configuration Summary page, and again use the OPEN button to review and SAVE the configuration-level COemissions (total biogenic CO2 and non-biogenic CO2, as appropriate). The SAVE action on the Configuration-Level Emissions page will ensure that all GHG emissions for that configuration are properly included in the total Subpart C emissions. These steps are necessary for any reporting configurations for which either this is the first upload or you have made a change to previously-uploaded inputs in your most recently-uploaded reporting form. 

We are working to correct this problem in a future maintenance release, by ensuring that the system re-calculates total Subpart C GHG emissions totals immediately after each Tier 2 and Tier 3 reporting form upload.

Reference: #1027

Subpart W

Issue: When resubmitting a RY17 or RY18 report that includes a Subpart W reporting form, users may encounter the following error during generation.  

Workaround: The RY17 or RY18 Subpart W reporting form needs to be re-uploaded.  Return to the Subpart W reporting page and download the currently uploaded version of the reporting form by clicking on the file name.  Next, delete the currently uploaded reporting form by clicking the red "X" in the right-hand column.  Re-upload the same Subpart W reporting form file again.  Once uploaded, proceed to the facility overview page to generate your report.  

Reference: #1028

Subpart C

Issue: When downloading a pre-populated Tier 2 Bulk Equation Inputs Reporting Form that includes an Other or Blended Fuel, the Excel reporting form does not properly black out Column B14 "HHV Calculation Methodology". This data element is not required for reporting for Other or Blended Fuels. 

Workaround: You can ignore Column B14 and B15 for Other or Blended Fuels. Data you enter into these cells for Other or Blended Fuels is not saved by e-GGRT when the reporting form is uploaded.

Reference: #985

Subpart DD

Issue: Subpart DD reporters from the state of North Carolina may encounter difficulty resubmitting RY2017 and prior year reporting forms because of a misspelling in the state name in the old reporting forms.  Prior to RY18 the Subpart DD reporting form and the GHG reporting schema spelled the state of North Carolina as "North Caroline".  This spelling is no longer accepted.

Workaround: Users who wish to resubmit their Subpart DD data for North Carolina for RY17 or prior years should migrate their data to a newly downloaded reporting form, ensuring that the state name "North Carolina" is selected from the pull down list.  You may contact the GHGRP Help Desk if they need clarification or assistance.

Reference: #8725

Subpart C

RESOLVED: 2/21/2020 - The Tier 3 Streamlined Reporting tool is now available.

Issue: Tier 3 Streamlined Reporting coming soon! EPA has created time-saving data entry tools for subpart C reporters using Tier 1, 2, and 3 calculation methodologies, however the Tier 3 streamlined reporting feature is not yet available. EPA plans to release this feature  in late February for use in preparing your Reporting Year 2019 annual reports.

Reference: #755

Subpart C

RESOLVED: 2/21/2020

Issue: After uploading a Tier 2 Equation Inputs Bulk Reporting form and returning to the Subpart C Overview page, e-GGRT may incorrectly identify which Configuration Names/IDs are "Complete" (no additional data elements are required/missing) and which are "Incomplete" (additional data elements are required/missing) in the Status column of the Configuration Summary table.

Reference: GHG-916, GHG-922

Subpart C

RESOLVED: 2/21/2020

Issue: If you upload a Tier 2 Equation Inputs Bulk Reporting form with one or more equation inputs missing for a given unit/fuel, e-GGRT may not remove methane emissions value for the same unit/fuel that was calculated from a prior form upload that contained a complete set of equation inputs. 

Reference: GHG-917

Subpart C

RESOLVED: 3/11/2020

Issue: When entering data into e-GGRT for fuels employing the Tier 2 methodology, the system may generate redundant pairs of validation messages related to missing methane and/or nitrous oxide emissions values, or the values of their corresponding carbon dioxide equivalent values, as shown in the example below for nitrous oxide. 

Reference: #997

Subpart W 

RESOLVED 8/26/2020

Issue: When a Onshore natural gas transmission compression facility resubmits an RY15 XML report, the e-GGRT system prevents the user from advancing to the reporting screens to complete the submission process. 

Reference: #1329

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