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Issues and Workarounds for e-GGRT RY2020

If you submit GHG annual reports via the bulk XML upload method, see XML Known Issues.

Subject Area



Issue: Users attempting to access e-GGRT from external web sites my receive a "403 Unauthorized: The browser is not authorized to view the page." error as shown below, if the web site is not using the correct address. 

Workaround: Please bookmark and use the following link to access e-GGRT:

Reference: #GHG-1932

Subpart DD

Issue: Subpart DD reporters from the state of North Carolina may encounter difficulty resubmitting RY2017 and prior year reporting forms because of a misspelling in the state name in the old reporting forms.  Prior to RY18 the Subpart DD reporting form and the GHG reporting schema spelled the state of North Carolina as "North Caroline".  This spelling is no longer accepted.

Workaround: Users who wish to resubmit their Subpart DD data for North Carolina for RY17 or prior years should migrate their data to a newly downloaded reporting form, ensuring that the state name "North Carolina" is selected from the pull down list.  You may contact the GHGRP Help Desk if they need clarification or assistance.

Reference: #8725

Subpart C

RESOLVED: 2/23/2021 - This Subpart C report generation error has been fixed.

Issue: Subpart C reporters may experience an error when clicking the "GO" button to attempt to initiate the FINAL REVIEW and REPORT SUBMISSION process from the Facility or Supplier Overview page. The resulting error appears as follows:

Reference: #GHG-1901

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