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Known Issues
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Issues and Workarounds for e-GGRT RY2018

If you submit GHG annual reports via the bulk XML upload method, see XML Known Issues.

Subject Area


Subpart D

Issue: During the integration of data from Part 75 reporting (CAMD business system) the MODC code 21 may have been incorrectly identified as substitute data hours. This may result in validation messages D-CAMD003, D-CAMD004, and D-CAMD005 displaying incorrectly.

Workaround: There is no workaround at this time, however please note that non-critical validation messages (errors that appear WITHOUT a stop sign icon) such as these DO NOT restrict any e-GGRT features/functions and you may proceed to submit and certify your annual report. If you feel that your data is correct, you should submit your data as-is.

Subpart HH

Issue: XML submissions for Reporting Year 2016 which reflect annual operating hours for the gas collection system between 8760 and 8784 hours may encounter critical error for validation codes HH0354 and HH179.  If you encounter these messages and believe your data is correct please contact the GHGRP Help Desk for assistance.

Workaround: You may contact the GHGRP Help Desk to request an allowance to submit with these errors.

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