XML Known Issues
Issues Related to XML Reporting Schema Version v14.0 and IVT Schema Version v5.0 (Reporting Year 2023)

You may also want to refer to the general Known Issues page if you prepare reports using e-GGRT webforms or reporting forms.


Issue Number

Description and Workaround

General Reporting - Final ReviewReference: #3071

Report display - Issue Resolved 3/15/2024, however XML files uploaded prior to the fix will continue to display incorrectly. XML files uploaded after the fix was applied on 3/15/2024 will display properly.

Issue: Some XML uploaders have been unable to view their Report or their Public View on the Final Review page.  When attempting to view the annual report, the e-GGRT system may display information in a new window in a format that is difficult to read. This page will be updated when the issue has been resolved. 

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