Subpart E/V Administrator-approved Alternative Method Instructions for RY2015 and Future Years

This page provides step-by-step instructions on how to enter and edit a Subpart E/V request submission including:

  • Adding/Editing Subpart E/V
  • Uploading file
  • Submitting and Certifying Subpart E/V Request

If you are an owner or operator subject to Part 98 Subpart E (40 CFR 98.50) or Subpart V (40 CFR 98.220) and are applying to the EPA Administrator to use an alternate method to calculate your annual process-related N20 emissions from Adipic Acid or Nitric Acid production for Reporting Year 2015 or later, you must submit your request electronically using a specific form (Alternate_Method_Optional_App.pdf)  and the e-GGRT module described below.  For more information on the requirements for these sectors please see our Subpart E information page or our Subpart V information page.

 Step 1: Adding/Editing Subpart E/V

In e-GGRT, select the facility for which you wish to request an Administrator-approved Alternative Method from the Facility Management page. Next, access the e-GGRT Subpart E/V submission page for the selected facility by selecting "Subpart E/V: Request use of Administrator-approved Alternative Method" at the bottom.

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 To add a Subpart E/V Submission, click the link titled "ADD a Subpart E/V Submission".

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 For a new Request Submission, select either the Subpart E (Adipic Acid Production) or Subpart V (Nitric Acid Production) for the appropriate reporting year.

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If a Request Submission for the selected reporting year has already been created but has not yet been submitted and certified, you will receive an error message if you try to add a new Request Submission. To create another Request Submission for the selected reporting year, you must first delete or certify the previous version.

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Step 2: Uploading file

If you have supporting documents to upload, they must be in one of the following formats: .zip, .pdf, .doc, .docx.

 To upload a file, click Browse, select the file and then click UPLOAD.

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Step 3: Submitting and Certifying Subpart E/V Request

Please note that clicking on the SUBMIT/CERTIFY button will submit your Subpart E/V Alternative Method Request to EPA. You will not be permitted to cancel or delete the submission. 


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When prompted, enter your password, and then answer your challenge question to confirm your identity and click SIGN once more.

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E-GGRT will then generate a confirmation page which may be printed for your records. A copy will be available from the Subpart E/V Overview Page, and you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Once you have reviewed the submission confirmation, click HOME to return to the Subpart E/V Overview page.

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