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Q781. Is there an operational hour threshold when calculating fDest for startup operations of a destruction device?

A781. Beginning in Reporting Year (RY) 2013, the definition of fDest (fraction of hours the destruction device was operating) has been revised.  The term fDest is needed to correct for times when the gas collection system is operating and gas flow is being measured, but when the destruction device is not operating.  Using the revised definition, fDest is the fraction of hours the destruction device associated with the nth measurement location was operating during active gas flow.  fDest can be calculated as the annual operating hours for the destruction device divided by the annual hours flow was sent to the destruction device, as measured at the nth measurement location.  If a destruction device was newly installed and operated for only a portion of the reporting year, the denominator of the fDest term will account for the number of hours that gas was actively flowing to that destruction device.

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