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Q774.  I'm trying to submit data for subpart MM for RY2013, where are tabs 1 (Measurement Method) and 6 (Crude Oil)?

A774. The requirements at 40 CFR 98.386(a)(1), (a)(5), (a)(13), (b)(1), and (c)(1) for each facility, importer, and exporter to report the annual quantity of each product or natural gas liquid on the basis of the measurement method used have been removed.  This resulted in the removal of the entire “1. Measurement Method” tab.  In addition, the reporting requirement for individual batches of crude oil feedstocks has been removed and reporting requirements for crude oil at 40 CFR 98.396(a)(20) have been changed to require only the annual quantity of crude oil.  This data element is now collected on the "Total CO2 & Other Info" tab.  The requirement to measure the API gravity and the sulfur content of each batch of crude oil at 40 CFR 98.394(d) and the requirement at 40 CFR 98.394(a)(1) that a standard method by a consensus-based standards organization be used to measure crude oil on site at a refinery, if such a method exists, have also been removed.  These changes resulted in the removal of the entire "6. Crude Oil" tab, and the addition of a new data element on the "Total CO2 & Other Info" tab.

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