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Pre-Charged Equipment
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Pre-Charged Equipment

Please see Reporting Form Instructions on downloading the blank reporting form and uploading the completed reporting form.

Fill out the import/export of an appliance/electrical equipment information table.

1) A unique name or ID of your choice: this could be the model number but note that if you both import and export the same model number, you will need a different name, for example Refrigerator1-I and Refrigerator1-E.

2) The type or category of the equipment: these are broad but you can use the description if you wish to keep track of additional detail; currently there are several types covering appliances (window units, PTACs, motor vehicle ACs, residential and commercial AC, dehumidifiers, refrigerator-freezers, retail food appliances, ice makers, water heatersĀ and other appliances). There are also several covering electrical equipment (circuit breakers, gas-insulated substations, gas-insulated lines, power transformers and other switchgear).

3) Whether this particular equipment was imported or exported: you will have to enter two records if you both import and export equipment.

4) The number of pieces of equipment that is imported or exported.

5) The total charge or holding size of each unit.

6) Whether the appliance also contains a foam with f-GHGs. If so, additional details regarding the foam must be reported.

7) The date(s) on which the equipment was imported or exported.

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