Q757. I registered my facility in eGGRT, but my facility has never been subject to Part 98. What should I do? I’d like to stop getting email communications from EPA about the GHG Reporting Program.

A757:Please review the applicability requirements of the GHG Reporting Program carefully at 40 CFR Part 98.2. If your facility or supplier has an e-GGRT account but you determine that it was never subject to the GHG Reporting Program, you can (but are not required to) notify EPA of this status by contacting the help desk. The help desk will work with you to update your reporting status in e-GGRT to “not reporting – other” with a reason that is appropriate for your situation. This status and reason will become the default for this facility or supplier in future reporting years until and unless a facility representative logs in to eGGRT to change it. Once your status has been updated, you will be marked in our database to be excluded from future correspondence regarding this facility or supplier.

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