Q742. How can I generate a list of facilities affiliated with a given parent company? What should I know before I use the parent company data?

Q742. Under the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP), facilities are required to report all highest-level U.S. parent company names, addresses, and percents of ownership as of December 31st of the reporting year.  The parent company names reported by each facility are listed on the facility’s profile page in the Facility Level Information on GreenHouse gases Tool, FLIGHT.  To access this page, click the facility from the map view.  To generate a list of facilities affiliated with a given parent company, click the “Search Options” button in FLIGHT above the map on the left hand side then select “Parent Company” and search for the corporate entity of your choice in the search field.

Additionally, you may download a file with each facility's parent company data by navigating to the following link and downloading the "Reported Parent Companies" file from the bottom of the page: https://www.epa.gov/ghgreporting/ghg-reporting-program-data-sets#Frequentdatasets .

Over time, EPA has established guidelines for facilities to use when reporting parent company names.  EPA has provided reporters with a list of known parent companies to choose from to aide reporting consistency and employed a “style guide” for reporters whose parent company was not on the list provided, asking them to follow certain style conventions when entering parent company names. For more information on the “style guide”, please see http://www.ccdsupport.com/confluence/display/help/Standardization+of+Parent+Company+Names+-+Style+Guide. Due to the addition of the parent company list and style guide, the consistency of parent company data being reported has improved over time.

Note that the GHGRP does not include data from all emission sources in the U.S., so data collected under the GHGRP does not reflect all greenhouse gas emissions associated with any specific parent company.  Also, note that when multiple parent companies are reported, the percent ownership does not necessarily represent the percentage of greenhouse gas emissions for which each parent company is responsible.

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