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Q743. My site has a gas collection system that did not operate at all during the reporting year, but did operate in prior reporting years. Which equations should I use to calculate my methane generation and GHG emissions for the current reporting year?

A743. If the gas collection system was operational in prior reporting years and may be operational again in future reporting years, you should still indicate that your facility has a gas collection system and calculate and report the results of equations HH-1, HH-4, HH-5, and HH-6.  Equation HH-4 should yield a value of 0 for R since the volume of recovered gas is 0. In equation HH-6, the value of GCH4 will equal the modeled methane generation rate in the reporting year calculated using equation HH-1; values of DE and fDEST should be reported as 0. Equation HH-6 will be equivalent to the value of equation HH-5.  No values should be reported for equations HH-7 and HH-8 because it is not possible to calculate values for these equations if the gas collection system did not operate at all during the reporting year (i.e., R=0).  Finally, the value of equation HH-6 must be reported as the total subpart HH emission amount for your facility.

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