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Q669. How should the “physical street address” be reported for Subpart UU facilities that don’t have a physical street address?

1) latitude and longitude coordinates for the CO2 injection well or transfer flow meter of the CO2 injection site. 
 Unless otherwise specified in subpart-specific instructions (e.g., Subpart W or suppliers who are required to provide a corporate address), if your facility does not have a physical street address, you should provide the latitude and longitude representing the location of facility operations in decimal degree format.  In the latitude and longitude fields on the "Facility or Supplier Information" page (for new facilities) or on the "Facility Profile" page (for existing facilities), provide the “latitude, longitude” coordinates reported in decimal degrees to at least four places.  EPA requests the coordinates be consistent with reference datum World Geodic System of 1984 (WGS84) (versus NAD83) when available.  The reporter shall provide one of the following which best approximates the location of activity for the facility including a single well, a group of wells, or operating field.

2) latitude and longitude coordinates of the center point (geographic centroid) of the group of wells that inject a CO2 stream into the subsurface.
3) latitude and longitude of the center point (geographic centroid) of the operating field.

A recreational-grade GPS system provides this level of accuracy.  Alternately, you may use an online satellite view such as Google maps, by zooming in, right-clicking on your facility and selecting “What's Here?”  The search text box will display the “latitude, longitude” coordinates for the selected location.

Note: coordinates should be submitted in decimal degree format; in this format minutes and seconds are represented as a decimal fraction of one degree.  Therefore, coordinates containing degrees, minutes, and seconds must first be converted using this formula (or using conversion tools freely accessible online):

decimal degrees = degrees + (minutes / 60) + (seconds / 3600)

Example conversion to decimal degrees representation of latitude:
39 degrees, 15 minutes, 25 seconds = 39 + (15 / 60) + (25 / 3600) = 39.2569 degrees

For more information on entering latitude and longitude data in e-GGRT please refer to FAQ 758 and Reporting Latitude and Longitude.

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