Q593. Emissions from flares are specifically excluded under 98.232(e) but methods for these emissions are provided in 98.233. Can you clarify which section of the rule is the correct guiding action?

A593. Under §98.232(e), emissions from flare stacks are not required to be reported as a separate emission source for onshore natural gas transmission compression facilities.  However, this does not exclude the reporting of flared emissions from the other emission sources listed in §98.232(e) if they are routed to a flare.  The flare source type in §98.233(n) covers only emissions that are not reported in association with any of the other source types in §98.233; see §98.233(n)(10).  For example, if transmission storage tank emissions are going to a flare, then the rule requires the adjustment of transmission storage tank emissions sent to flare per §98.233(k)(4).  The flared transmission storage tank emissions, however, have to be reported as transmission storage tank emissions under §98.236(c)(9).

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