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Q397. Does e-GGRT provide an error message that points to the specific tag or data element if an upload XML report fails the schema validation check?

A397. When you upload an XML file, e-GGRT performs a series of initial checks of the XML code and schema.   The XML code is checked to ensure the syntax is correct and meets the basic specifications required for all XML files (e.g., every “<” must have a matching “>”).   e-GGRT also checks to see whether the file complies with the GHGRP schema.   Data elements must appear in the defined hierarchical structure and the content of the individual elements must conform to the declared data types specified in EPA’s schema.   For example, the data elements R eporting Reporting Facility, Reporting Year and GHGRP ID mustalways be included and must match exactly with the facility and reporting year for which you are uploading an XML report.   The report start and end dates must be present and must be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD.   If there are errors in these values or the XML code contains syntax errors, then the upload will fail and e-GGRT will display messages that identify the data element, describe the error, and in some cases, identify the line on which the error was found.   These errors must be resolved in order to successfully generate your annual report.


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