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Q313. Can I mark my data as CBI in e-GGRT?

A313. The e-GGRT system does not contain any information on the data entry screens as to whether a particular data element has been determined to be CBI. Reporters can look at the list below to determine if a particular data element will be treated as CBI.A313.  No. EPA has published a final rule that delineates which data submitted in e-GGRT will be treated as CBI and which data can be released to the public (76 FR 53057, published August 25, 2011). This final rule made CBI determinations for the source categories required to report by September 30, 2011. EPA will handle data submitted in e-GGRT based on these determinations. Reporters cannot make additional CBI claims in the e-GGRT system.


More information on the final CBI rule is available here:

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