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e-GGRT Home Help

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Facilities and suppliers subject to the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP) , except for suppliers reporting only under Subpart LL (Coal-based Liquid Fuels) and Subpart MM (Petroleum Products), must register online through e-GGRT. Registration is a one-time, multi-step process, and may involve several individuals associated with the facility/supplier. All participants in the facility/supplier registration process must register first as an e-GGRT user. Any individual can begin the registration process in e-GGRT by identifying the Designated Representative (DR) for the facility/supplier, and (optionally) identifying its Alternate Designated Representative (ADR) and Agents.

Ee-GGRT implements three different roles for users, which are specified in 40 CFR 98. These roles are described as follows:


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