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Q731. What segments of the petroleum and natural gas systems sector are covered by the current GHGRP data?

A731. The petroleum and natural gas industry is one of many industries covered by the GHGRP.  The following ten segments comprise the petroleum and natural gas systems source category (Subpart W) in the current GHGRP data.

  • Onshore Production: Production of petroleum and natural gas associated with onshore production wells and related equipment.
  • Offshore Production: Production of petroleum and natural gas from offshore production platforms.
  • Gathering and Boosting: Gathering pipelines and other equipment that collect petroleum/natural gas from onshore production gas or oil wells and then compress.
  • Natural Gas Processing: Processing of field quality gas to produce pipeline quality natural gas.
  • Natural Gas Transmission: Compressor facilities used to transfer natural gas through transmission pipelines.
  • Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline: A rate-regulated interstate or intrastate pipeline, or a pipeline that falls under the “Hinshaw Exemption” of the Natural Gas Act.
  • Underground Natural Gas Storage: Facilities that store natural gas in underground formations.
  • Natural Gas Distribution: Natural gas distribution systems that deliver gas directly to the consumer.
  • LNG Import/Export: Liquified Natural Gas import and export terminals.
  • LNG Storage: Liquified Natural Gas storage equipment.

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