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Q785. When can I use a collection efficiency (CE) of 75% from Table HH-3?

A785. Under section 98.343(c) of the rule, the collection efficiency (CE) estimated at the landfill is calculated using an area-weighted average (see Table HH-3 of this subpart) that accounts for system coverage, operation, and cover system materials.  If area by soil cover type information is not available, you may use default value of 0.75 (CE4 in table HH-3 of this subpart) for all areas under active influence of the gas collection system.  Please note that landfills with Area Type A2 as defined in Table HH-3, i.e., “Area without active gas collection, regardless of cover type,” cannot simply use the default of 0.75 for CE in Equations HH-7 and HH-8.  


Please note, the e-GGRT system uses only the values provided by the reporter for surface area by area type from Table HH-3 to calculate the area-weighted collection efficiency per the definition of the variable CE.


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