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Q414. How can I determine what percentage of total GHGs come from a particular sector since the GHG Reporting Program (GHGRP) does not cover 100% of U.S. emissions?

A414. To calculate a rough percentage of U.S. emissions from a particular sector in the GHG Reporting Program database, take the total emissions from the sector of interest and divide it by the total U.S. emissions reported in the Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks (6,457 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2017).  It is important to note that for some sectors, all facilities are required to report their emissions to the GHGRP.  For others however, only those facilities that emit greater than 25,000 metric tons CO2e are required to report and the total emissions reported to the GHGRP is less than total U.S. emissions from that source.  For more information on the difference between the Inventory and the Greenhouse Gas Reporting program data go to:


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Source: EPA Data Publication FAQs [], updated by B. Cook, 1/22/2013 and 4/29/2013 and Dick Richards, 4/15/2013.  Link to Inventory/GHGRP comparison updated by B. Cook, 8/11/2014, updated per B Cook 9/28/152015, M Huppert updated year and numbers 9/18/18 2018 & 9/23/192019.

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