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Q675. Can you report multiple industrial waste landfills at one facility in e-GGRT?


A675. Per §98.460(b), an industrial waste landfill includes all disposal areas at the facility.  Therefore, all areas (e.g. cells) in which industrial waste is disposed at the facility is considered as one landfill for purposes of this rule.  In performing the calculations, DOC and k values should be applied to the quantity of each waste stream disposed separately and then all results should be added together for all years to determine methane generation under Equation TT-1.  This is regardless of whether certain sections/cells are open or closed.
Each separate facility, as defined in 98.6, containing an industrial waste landfill, as defined above, must be included in a separate annual GHG report.  Wiki Markup{show-to:group=confluence-Users}{_}Footer / References Bar which is Visible to the public{_}{show-to}

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