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Q639. My onshore natural gas production facility reported stationary combustion emissions under subpart C for RY2010.  For RY2011, I am subject to subpart W and I am required to report emissions at the basin level, bringing in new natural gas production wells from other facilities not previously covered in my RY 2010 report. Do I report my basin emissions under the same facility registration that I used for my RY2010 report?

A639. It depends.

Although the definitions of “facility” are different for subparts A/C and subpart W, it is possible that the physical location of a given facility for purposes of reporting subpart A/C in 2011 (RY2010) is the same as the physical location of the facility for purposes of reporting subparts A/W in 2012 (RY2011). If this is the case, you should use the same e-GGRT ID and insert the relevant information for 2011 to cover all source categories required at your facilities, including the addition of subpart W data for the first time in RY2011.

It is also possible that multiple onshore production operations, some or all of which were independently registered facilities with a unique e-GGRT ID in RY2010, become one facility in RY2011. In this case, reporting will begin for the new facility in RY2011.

Where RY2010 facilities are now consolidated for RY2011, the designated representative(s) for the facilities that reported emissions for RY2010 must certify that all GHG-emitting processes and operations at the (previously designated) facility ceased effective December 31, 2010. Notification of cessation for RY2010 can be accomplished on the facility main page in the e-GGRT system. Instructions are available in FAQ 637.

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