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For each applicable subpart from the list below, users must report their facility's facility’s GHG data using an Excel-based Reporting Form which may be downloaded as described below. The Reporting Forms are meant to provide reporters with a simple and straightforward means for reporting required data and information for the subparts listed below:


  1. Find the subpart in the table below
  2. Click the linked filename(s) in the second column
  3. Save the file(s) to your computer in a location of your choosing
  4. If your facility uses CEMS to calculate emissions under this subpart, you must also download a separate CEMS Reporting Form by clicking the CEMS Reporting Form.xls link at the bottom of the table
  5. Repeat 1-4 for each applicable subpart (note that multiple Reporting Forms may be required for Subparts O and OO)
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help:Reporting Formshelp:Reporting Forms
Reporting Forms
Step 2. Enter data into the reporting form


Some e-GGRT reporting form upload pages also require you to enter GHG emissions data for a subpart. Please ensure that you provide all of the requested data for each applicable subpart.

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Once finished uploading and entering data on the subpart summary page, click SAVE.

Validation Report
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